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journal entry / april *illegible* 2020 / written right here.

a list of questions to ask the virus / an anthropomorphic study 

1.What do you want?

2. What do you want with us?


3. Why us?

4. Why now?


5. What are your goals in all this?

6. How do you feel?


Guilty? Hungry? Mixed emotions?

A little sad? Did you expect things to take off the way they did? 


7. Do you feel in control?

8. Is it a good feeling?

I have really vivid memories of the days before lockdown. I met my partner downtown on Bond Street and it felt like the apocalypse - I wasn't sure when, or if, I'd see him again. I remember walking around my neighbourhood knowing that the world would never be as it was. I spent my first month in lockdown on this blanket, on this grass, asleep with the sun on my face. I was horribly lonely and touch starved.

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